Folk: adj.

1. Relating to the traditional art or culture of a community or nation.

2. Relating to or originating from the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people.

Wyrd: O.E. noun

“fate, chance, fortune; destiny; the Fates,” literally “that which comes,” from Proto-Germanic *wurthiz (cognates: Old Saxon wurd, Old High German wurt “fate,” Old Norse urðr “fate, one of the three Norns”), from PIE *wert- “to turn, to wind,” (cognates: German werden, Old English weorðan “to become”), from root *wer- “to turn, bend”.


Folking Wyrd is dedicated to those who would embrace their Fate with a rarefied dignity. A site committed to reintegrating traditional wisdoms and practical disciplines; the forgotten inheritance of the common Folk.

The fog of materialistic modernity is dispersed through the remembrance of who we are and where we are going.

Those who went before us, walk with us still. May we honour them with noble thought, words and deeds.

Through strong roots and clear vision may we realise our Wyrd!

Flags, Flax & Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding

Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain