Deep Roots Through A Long Winter

You are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Martinmas-tide approaches, the long winter nights are upon us in the Northern Hemisphere; nights where traditionally time at the hearth would be passed by relaying tales of our ancestors. Memories of those long gone before us and also those recently departed are held in our hearts and minds. This is tide where those in the occult/pagan scenes try to out-“Witch” each other, where words of Spirits, Ancestors are thrown about unreservedly, and pictures of skulls, candles and mood-lighting galore are abound.

Now, let’s get real.

If you have taken on the work from Michaelmas through to this tide you will have taken stock of all that you truly are and all that you have appeared to be. Do your values and deeds make your ancestors proud, you as the product of countless generations’ love and will to Life? Or do your values and deeds insult all that they had fought for? The trendy and temporal process of “finding yourself” may indeed betray eternal values. Honesty towards yourself is not always comfortable but it is always necessary. The harsh light of Truth dispels illusory shadows but may daze those unaccustomed to plumbing such depths.

You may not share a veneration, or even at the very least a rememberance, for your ancestors, due to potential feelings of shame towards their deeds long past. As Wyrd would have it, I write these words as a straight white male (the bogeyman it seems of this current era), and yet I do not harbour supposed “White Guilt”, I do not apologise for ancestral actions beyond my control, however, I do not condone the ill-treatment of one’s fellow man or creature and so do not seek to repeat atrocities past. I dree my Wyrd and so should all. So let me put this boldly and bluntly: No Ancestors = No Martinmas. Feel free to disagree with me here, I have no problem with folks kidding themselves, their time wasted, not mine.

“But what about the other spirits?!” I hear you cry, “the veil is thinnest and so can communicate with better clarity to my other-than-human friends”.

Here I respond:

None others have a vested interest in your wellbeing, to the gods you are dime a dozen – out snuffs your light, there is another; the genius loci are coerced toward a mutual understanding – they couldn’t give two-shits whether you live or die; your ancestors are the only ones who have a vested interest in your surviving the long Winter……. unless you have forsaken them, then all is lost, but at least die with some dignity…

Be assured, hard times are coming whether you choose to accept it or not. Do we allow ancestral and cultural memory and aesthetic fade further still? Do we subject ourselves to a materialistic, vacuous sterility? If so, do not be surprised when a more cohesive culture displaces your own society, and when your precious freedoms mean nothing in a ruling paradigm. Do not dare to look at those around you and say “why didn’t you stop this?”. We each exercise a personal responsibility for the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved-ones. Rootless things will get scattered to the winds. When the storm hits it will be roots that will offer the tenacity to hold on against the odds. So utilise this ancestral-tide and reforge and strengthen bonds with those who have gone before you, their blood, sweat and tears was to ensure your existence today. Do not insult and belittle their hopes and dreams for you and their people. Their bond is a deep constant amid this throwaway society. They will never steer their honourable descendants wrong.

“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.” ~ Jonas Salk

With strong roots and clear vision!

Flags, Flax and Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding
Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain

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4 Responses

  1. Cymraes says:

    As I read this, the voice of a long dead man came back to me from long ago; “put down your roots and grow!” he said, and so I did, and so I do…

    • admin says:

      Fantastic! Through roots we are able to blossom, we can produce fruit, we drop seeds and in turn the spread of roots occurs further still.


  2. Chris says:

    The roots hold the tree, the branches the paths , the blossom, the fruits ….. but the whole must bend with the breeze…….. to withstand the storm….. Thanks Ulric for this reminder …… fff.

  3. Astarte says:

    ‘Rootless things will get scattered to the winds.’ My scattered thoughts applaud your reminder dear man, thank you

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