Take Stock: Michaelmas Tide

Michaelmas Tide is upon us. An old English “Quarter Day” where debts were settled and new contracts established. A perfect tide to quite literally take stock of our lives. Let us reap what we each have sown thus far in life and furrow the ground of our very being, in anticipation to cultivate a far more noble yield. The lame beasts of burden slaughtered, we are not to be hindered by worn-out excuses of circumstance, we are the masters of our own House. The buck stops with us.

In this Information Age we cannot plead ignorance toward any part of life; seek and ye shall find has never been easier for those with a discerning eye. However, discernment, sorting the wheat from the chaff, is of paramount importance if we are to seek guidance in re-forging ourselves anew. The sheer volume of dross out-there in the world is astounding! With masses of self-proclaimed experts, each trying to preach louder than the other, and seas of misinformation readily consumed by those swept along in the culture of convenience. Folking Wyrd will endeavour to act as a beacon amid this grey world of modernity. It will strive to be a source of inspiration for those who wish to reclaim the nobility of Self and rediscover the timeless values necessary for life well-lived.

Crop Burning

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra By Fire is Nature reborn Whole; burn away the stubs of the old harvest, what’s done is done! Burn away the pests and disease lingering on through harvests past, allow yourself to start afresh. Through clear and nourished ground may you plant and nurture the seeds of a noble Self, that from here-on, future yield will provide nourishment not only for oneself but for the families and communities surrounding us! We shall no longer be tools in this soulless game of perpetual manufacture and consumption. Instead we will craft lives of worth, lives that honour those who have gone before us, lives that will inspire those who are yet to come!

We must reclaim the heritage of a simpler life. Timeless wisdom has been transmitted not only by the Sage but also through folktale and myth, stories sung after a day’s labour or during long winter nights. Tales that tell of the hero, of those with deep memory and clear foresight; we are the descendants of those mighty men and women of Old! We must realise that inherent dignity within and let our thought, word and deed reflect that realisation. Strength of body, mind and soul are to be exercised daily, no part of our being is to be neglected. Proper nutrition, exercise, study, contemplation, creative expression, meditation and veneration are all facets that should be explored and utilised in the fullest; Folking Wyrd will support all as we henceforth live this exploration.

So in closing, hold in mind, that through the flourishing of one’s potential, one is better able to serve their kin, and so honouring the Whole of which they are but an entwined part. Through wise and steadfast striving you will realise yourself to be a full and worthy expression of that often-squandered gift called Life.

With strong roots and clear vision!

Flags, Flax & Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding

Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain

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