The Fruit of Life

In modern society there seems a continuous desire for separation. An adolescent hunger to separate oneself from the grip of one’s parentage and from the supposedly inconvenient spectre of duty.
Creeping forth along the damp and dark horizon like a choking vine, contemporary society will ensnare all in its way, toward a perpetual expansion called globalisation. Like a poisonous ivy, there is no requirement to leave the horizontal realm of “progress” and “expansion”. No need for the irritant Creeper to hang itself on the vertical of self-sacrifice…

Look at the last ones who found themselves nailed to the vertical, for Christ’s sake! Hanged and pierced in the name of Wisdom?! Sounds far too timeless and irrevocable for modern tastes! 

What do you mean no fast-track, no money-back guarantee?! 

The Creeper will thrive in the shallows, as it expands it will suffocate any its path, until every inch has been filled with its uni-form. The societal sphere is being caked in this vine. Overtime it will lay claim over the scant resource available to survive, one will either be “of the mold” (that is, agreeable to societal opinion and common wants) or it will be a threat to be overcome. This Creeper has no second-thoughts about having certain sections of itself die-back in order for the “one-form” to survive and keeps its dominant hold.

Let me add a disclaimer after setting this scene; the vine, the ivy,  is not inherently or wittingly manevolent, it is merely acting wholly in accordance to its nature, that is, the nature of unbridled expansion, of horizontal living, preoccupied with time, with space, with commodity.

The alternative, you ask?

Grow up! Quite literally. Quit laying around on the horizontal like an expectant teenager, and take your stand in the world as a mature being.


Throw yourself upon the vertical!

Those nails that attach you to it, the spear in your side, or that noose around your neck; they are tickets to the eternal,  a chance to sit amongst the Timeless! Do not limit your potential for fear of being labelled a braggart, or for fear of stepping out of a marching tune played for the sake of “equality” and the status quo.

Stand tall! Each has the right to set deep roots and reach towards the same nourishing sun. Yet those who fail to look up and aspire are those who are too busy distracted by what is ahead or what lays behind them. They are surely sinking in the quicksands of Time.

Through a symbiotic relationship with “place-in-the-world”, the roots set will nourish you. Once set deep and firmly established,  you shall be quickened by the surety of your sun (that is to say, your experience of it via your unique vantage point). Through this process you may then flourish, providing sweet scent or an awakening nectar for any who would happen upon it. In maturity, fruit will appear, the seeds of which may be planted in fertile ground beneath the canopy, encouraging yet further “vertical” yearning.

Let us remember, however, that ones flourishing isn’t for a selfish end; the beautiful form, the alluring scent are but means to see that a noble seed will be shared and that healthy ecosystems may thrive amid the shade of its mature expression.

Flags, Flax and Fodder,

Ulric “Gestumblindi” Goding 
Níwe Dæg – Níwe Léoht – Níwe Hopan 

Tanist of the Clan of Tubal Cain

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